Wonder What Your Firearm Is Worth?

Consider a firearm appraisal in Nacogdoches, TX

Did you inherit an old firearm and are thinking about selling it? Do you have an older gun and want to know if its value has changed over the years? Fehu Armament conducts firearm appraisals in Nacogdoches, TX and can give you a fair assessment.

Since we sell a variety of revolvers, handguns, rifles and shotguns at our gun shop, we understand the value of all kinds of guns. We're not a pawn shop, so you can rest assured that we won't try to trick you with an unreasonable price.

Find out what your firearm is worth with a firearm appraisal today.

Selling your firearm is simple

Selling your firearm is simple

If you are looking to sell, you can let Fehu Armament do the heavy lifting for you. We sell guns on consignment, which means:

  • You'll leave your firearm with us
  • We'll sell it for you directly out of our gun shop
  • Once your firearm is purchased, you'll receive the sale price minus our consignment fee

You can sell your firearm to a gun enthusiast and get the best possible price instead of pawning it for pennies. Sell your gun on consignment by calling 936-234-2845.